Sorry about the attempt at humor but I do have a couple of questions that I was hoping someone might be able to answer.

I read the boards here at OCDO just about daily and have never realized that the site MOC was not connected (or is it?) until I tried to view a flier for the GM Seminar. I was directed to the MOC website and of course I was not logged in or a member so I could not get the flier. Should I become an MOC member? and if so , why? and how are the two related?

I was reading about the National Guardsman who was detained during the parade. I understand that funds for FOIA and legal counsel are short. They mentioned bringing new members that could each donate a little something. I'm working on the members but would also be able to speed this process of 5$ from 5 new members by simply making a 25$ donation to this fund. Where is this fund? What is the address and who is the treasurer? I pay my dues but you have to tell me where to send it. I was going to message JPierce but he seems so busy. I also live on campus and I know of a few ways that we could raise funds for the resources we need to support our cause. I also attend school with a bunch of law students and some of those relationships could prove invaluable. I know my law professor jumps up on his desk when I start talking about advocating our Constitutional rights!

He goes like this:celebrateor maybe more like thisyeah, it's the second one.

Anyway, if anyone knows the answer to these questions hit me up or I'll check back here. If someone who has the abilities can answer and get rid of this thread, I would not take offense.

Peace be with you and be with your piece!