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Thread: CCRKBA'S Gottlieb to Congress: "Pound Sand"

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    Gottlieb to Congress: 'Pound sand'

    Late Thursday, in an effort to mollify smaller gun rights and other groups, the exemption threshold was lowered to include organizations with 500,000 members. By the oddest of coincidences – if one believes in such things – that move came in the hours after Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, issued a statement on the Disclose Act that mentioned his group has 650,000 members and supporters. This column also mentioned that figure prominently Thursday morning.

    Advised of the change, an audibly disgusted Gottlieb reacted via telephone: “Even though we may now be exempted, we still oppose the bill.” Desperate Democrats can, in his opinion, “pound sand.” Lowering the bar to quell the firestorm, he indicated, was simply insult added to injury.

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    I have to wonder if this entire scheme wasn't cooked up by an opportunist anti-gunner in Washington knowing this would create precisely this kind of discord.

    The NRA either potentially accepts a situation in which it is muzzled, or else plays realpolitik so it can continue to operate as it has.

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    132 days till we have the final say. If Congress doesn't have their chain yanked hard and pulled up tight then this country has indeed lost its mind and it doesn't matter what we think because we just let ourselves get disenfranchised.

    I can't wait to read the papers, listen to the editorials on the Sunday morning talk shows and see what the internet chaps will have to say after day 133 and the votes are counted.
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