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GRNC Alert 06-18-10:
NRA Sellout - Bluedogs Starting to Waver

First the good news: your calls are making a difference. BUT DON'T RELAX YET.

Nancy Pelosi had vowed that HR 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, which the NRA has sold out gun owners on because NC Rep. Heath Shuler engineered a special exemption that would protect only them from being muzzled, would be voted on today. That didn't happen. Word has it that some of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats have become weak in the knees and objected to the bill. The measure is temporarily on hold. Of course if the Obama Care debacle taught us anything it is that Pelosi only pulls unpopular bills back long enough to find a way to sneak them through at a more opportune time. Are you going to let that happen?


NRA is now trying to confuse people by saying they oppose the SENATE version of the bill. Of course, that is due to the fact that the Senate version is the one without the special exemption that would benefit only them. By not also opposing the House version, the NRA is falling for a classic divide and conquer tactic. That is the maneuver that Rep. Heath Shuler has finessed on them. Their ego is stroked by the fact that once all those other pesky gun rights organizations - more hardcore in most cases - are silenced, then NRA will be the only group with a voice and therefore more powerful. Well... how long do they suppose it will take to bring down the big dog once it is isolated? They would be wise to remember Benjamin Franklin's axiom about hanging together or hanging separately.


Yesterday afternoon at 1:00 Paul Valone called Shuler's office and spoke to the staffer dealing with the issue, PROMISING HER that if the deal went through, we would send twice as much mail into the 11th District as the NRA could even think about mustering. When she whined that they hadn't been aware of our position, Valone responded: "You're behaving as if I care. None of that will stop us from putting many thousands of pieces of mail into the district prior to the election."

Five hours later, 12,000 phone calls hit his district, including his district offices and major newspapers. Then they back off. A coincidence? You decide.


Don't think that Shuler is the only "Blue Dog" involved in this lube job. Rep. Larry Kissell has come out publicly in a response to a GRNC member that he is in full support of this attack on your freedom of speech. See what he had to say here:

Then that brings us to Rep. Bob Etheridge. When not manhandling student reporters, Etheridge passes his time co-sponsoring bad bills like HR 5175. Apparently Etheridge has as much respect for the free speech of gun owners as he does for students who ask him questions that make him uncomfortable.

Read more in Paul Valone's column at the link listed below:


Never wishing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, GRNC wants you to keep up the pressure. We seem to be winning on this one. Let's go ahead and take it across the goal line.


* Volunteer to help put the pressure on Shuler this weekend in Western NC. Contact Paul Valone at: 704-907-9206
* Call these representatives and let them know you are not fooled by their tricks.

Congressman Heath Shuler: Phone: 202-225-6401; Fax: 202-226-6422
Congressman Bob Etheridge: Phone: 202-225-4531; Fax: 202-225-5662
Congressman Larry Kissell: Phone: 202-225-3715; Fax: 202-225-4036

* If you haven't yet, Contact the NRA Officers listed below.

Rather than calling general membership numbers, here are some numbers that go directly to NRA officers. Let them know how you feel about having the world's biggest gun rights organization betray the interests not only of its members, but of gun owners everywhere.

Ronald L. Schmeits, NRA President:
Home: 18 Private Rd #2001ST, Raton NM 87740, (575) 445-5836, (575) 445-2080 fax
Office: International Bank,200 S 2nd Street, Raton NM 87740-3908, (575) 445-2321

Charles L. Cunningham, Director, NRA-ILA Federal Affairs:
4864 Oakcrest Drive, Fairfax VA 22030
703-352-3245, 202-651-2570

David A. Keene, NRA 1st Vice President:
5602 Dawes Ave, Alexandria VA 22311-1102, 703-671-5602

James W. Porter II, NRA 2nd Vice President:
215 21st St N # 1000, Birmingham AL 35203-3710, (205) 322-1744


You may find your NC representative by going here:

You may write your federal congressman by going here:


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