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Thread: KMart / Sears CHANGE POLICY ("We now follow state law")

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    SCJeffro wrote:
    Yep I finally got through to the upper echelon of Sears execs... Like the post above said, it took me about 6 calls and several callbacks to get to some VP of something... Anyway After I spoke with him, I was told "I assure you sir, I will get something from our legal department and have a case manager get back to you." soon after I got the email above!

    So I am happy with the outcome, we can now reference this letter should any Sears stores decide to kick anyone else out... Just refer them to "Sears Senior Counsel" They also called me back to make sure I got the email!

    :celebrate persistence pays off once again!!
    See the original thread here:


    Its Emerald, your case manager, and this is the Sears cooperate policy regarding fire arms. Please call or email me to confirm you have gotten this information. Your case number is xxxxxxx.

    Subject: RE: Request for fire arm/weapon policy

    Here is the response from Sears Senior Counsel:

    Our corporate policy regarding customers who openly carry firearms on our store premises is that as long as the law of the state in which our store is located legally permits the open carrying of firearms (i.e. carrying a firearm on one's person in plain sight), customers will be permitted to openly carry firearms within our stores.

    Emerald Sloan
    Blue Ribbon Service Case Manager
    Sears Holdings Corporation
    Toll Free: 1-888-266-4043 extension 75

    Schedule: Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST) off Wednesday and Sunday
    Another WIN for the law abiding that I just felt it should be re-posted under an updated heading.

    Carry On.

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    Nice! I don't shop at these stores, but it's good to see.
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    Great work! Nice job!

    Carry On

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    Good to see, but after working at sears for a year, I'll never spend money or kmart.
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    Fantastic! :celebrate
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    So is this sears only or both Sears and Kmart
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    Quote Originally Posted by lance galloway View Post
    So is this sears only or both Sears and Kmart
    They're owned by the same holding company so I'm going to say "yes".

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