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Thread: Sheboygan Falls Open Carry GFSZ case (Personal account by Mathew Hubing)

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    I contacted Mathew, and he agreed to allow me to post his account of what happened.

    From Mathew:

    "On may 9th I had received a Armi-Jager AP-74( I have a pic of it with some of my other firearms on my facebook page) .22LR from a friend of mine that I worked for. It looks similar to the original Vietnam era M-16. On Monday I was walking to my friends house who lives in town to show him. I got stopped and questioned then told I was in a school zone. I said that I thought open carry was fine for transportation since I cant drive and I don't really have a case big enough to fit it. I was told from different officers that the school zone was 500ft, or 1500ft and that there was a distance around city buildings and churches(which there is not). they did not do anything about it since they had no clue what they were talking about, even though the DA came in and showed them on a map a few months ago and talked about school zones.

    Then on May 17, I was going to go shoot the new .22 at a friends house a mile out of town. I had measured on Google Earth the 1000ft. With my measurements if I left through my neighbors drive way I would be out of the school zone once I hit public property. well I was on my return trip when some one naturally called me in to the cops. They stopped me checked me out, and asked me about the school zone. I told them what I had done and found, and they let me go. A few hours later, I was asked to stop down at the cop shop to talk about something. The officer was told by a superior to investigate the situation. He had measured out the 1000ft on a correctly surveyed city map, and according to that I was still inside of it no matter how I left the house. I told him that I had measured it and thought I was fine. He didn't seem to care and I was arrested.

    I was in jail for 16 days and they had originally dropped the charges and the DA agreed to that but that is cause they wanted to amend more stuff to it. So it was refiled with the measurements of the driveways and a few other things, but it basically said the same thing, that I did not no I was still in the school zone and had not broke the law which states did knowingly or have reason to believe I was in a school zone. We went back to court for the second preliminary hearing on the second one and that got dropped by the judge cause there was no reason to believe a felony had been committed and since there is nothing else they could charge me with.
    So thats my end of the story. While I was in jail I saw one of the news stories on tv and was convinced that I was out riding around the school with an assault rife, in full camo( I was wearing a BDU top at the time) waiting to shoot some kids,lol. I have gotten my handgun back from the cops, and the rest of my guns back from my friend who was holding them while I was in court."

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    It is true, the original story as published led you to believe he was looking for a confrontation and had sinister motives.

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    His story sounds sincere,but what do I know. I guess I am more inclined to believe him than the police/media who did make him out to be some wacko looking for trouble.

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