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    I had gave them an OC sticker a while back and they said they would talk to the boss, when i came in a week later he said the boss said no, we talked about it for a minute then i went on my way.

    I have not been able to go up there in a little while due to a new motorcycle i acquired, stopped in to look at some new carry ammo and wouldn't you know it, OC welcome sticker right next to the door handle. Made me so happy, those guys have always done right by me.

    Is it Okay that i put their number/address on this post?

    Anywho, go check them out, their prices are just like Williams, and a great bunch of guys too.


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    Been there. Real 2A folks in there.

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    any connection to gun barn in i think hartland on m59? just going from word of mouth they were in trouble for selling to people with felonies or something and maybe tax problem too. not sure. guess i should have done my internet search homework before i spouted off. i never had a problem there and LOVED the signs they posted on the front by the road. my favorite was AX ME BOUT EBONICS. still there and have signs saying they will buy anything of value like a pawn shop. haven't been in there in a few years.

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