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Thread: Open carried, 1st time. New here.

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    Just joined this sight. wealth of knowleadge! Did my 1st real open carry in ft Wayne on sat. Went to a Hallmark, gas station, and Burger King. No problems at all. Few women saw it but make no fuss.

    Last year I was going to work, EMS, and stopped at McD's. didn't want to put my gun in my pocket so I put it in the radio holster of my duty belt. A out of state couple was next to me and heard her whisper to him. He then said, "I thought you were EMS?" I am. That was it.

    I carry a Bersa Thunder .380. 15 round clips.

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    Hey there-

    Hi hogeater-

    Good to hear someone is OCing in Ft. Wayne.

    I've read on the INGO site that Ft. Wayne can be a problem now and then.

    I'm live in the Indianapolis area and have yet to have a negative OC experience. Lots of guys do around here so it's common. (although I never see anyone else!)

    Be safe!

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    Welcome to open carry!

    Thanks for participating in this forum. It is rewarding to work at restoring our Constitutional rights.

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    Welcome To Open Carry!

    And welcome to Open Carry dot Org (OCDO)!

    Know your law. Cold.

    Learn your 4th Amendment (search and seizure) rights. So you know them cold.

    Learn you 5th Amendment (silence, attorney during questioning) rights. So you know them cold.

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