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Thread: Upgrade, is it worth it???

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    I have a XD 45 that I have owned for close to 4 years. I love it, but I have been eye balling the new XDM 45. Has anyone shot one of these yet?
    The magazine capacity is the same 13 rounds. The changes were the interchangeable back straps, the 4.5" match barrel, (mine is the duty length 4"), and a claimed shortest polymer trigger reset, extended magazine release...
    So I would like a few opinions, especially from anyone that has shot it, and can comment on the trigger, as to if it would be worth it to upgrade. I have someone that has offered me 400 for my current XD 45. So it would be a little more than 200 out of pocket.

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    Rob Leatham himself said that If you shoot a standard XD well and like it, that there is no real reason to spring for the XDM.
    OH NO!!! I cant seem to think of anything "funny" and/or "wise" to put in my forum signature...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! lol

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