Hello everyone my name is Karolyn Galarza and I am the campus leader for the GMU chapter of SCCC. If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to contact me. Right now we have 5 official members and are recognized by the SCCC, but in order to be recognized as a group/club/organization at GMU we need 3 more members. We plan on being very active and anyone who has an interest in advanced tactical training and/or defending their rights to carry concealed on campus please join! Our activities include (but are not limited to) monthly range visits, advanced firearms training, monthly meetings, trips to gun shows all across the state, gun rightslobbying, and education for all members on firearms handling. Anyone can join regardless of school year. Members are not required to have a concealed permit, but membersneed to have a serious interest in fighting for concealed carry on campus.

Karolyn Galarza