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Thread: OCed @ Dupont Denny's

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    People amuse me sometimes..

    Tonite was actually my 2nd time at this Denny's while OCing.. 1st was uneventful and I was too tired to make a post.

    Tonite I arrived.. parked the scooter and walked in OCing my .38 Uberti SA Colt clone. I noted an LMPD Cruiser parked outside so I was prepared to have a possible LEO encounter. 2 LEOs at a table.. they took no note of me.. my strong side was facing away from them.. I was seated with no issues..

    While I was at my table a mid 40's-ish male businessman type was seated near me.. he was deep in discussion with his table companion when I was getting up to leave.. I make no attempt to block his view of the revolver on my right hip and I saw him twitch in my peripheral.. then scrambled for his cell as I walked past. I paused.. He paused dialing.. I went back to my table to grab my keys that I'd left.. I turned to head up front and made eye contact.. He looked scared to death.. eyes buggin out.. weak trembly smile.

    I asked him if he was ok.. and that broke the ice.. he relaxed immediately. I told him.. "You don't have to worry about me man.. Criminals don't carry guns like this.." I dug for an OC business card but alas! I was out. I wished them a good nite.. paid and left.

    The manager took my money and didn't bat an eye though I did see that he noticed the gun..

    I swear if I'd said "Boo!" that guy might've had a heart attack by the look of him..


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    That's great. Glad to hear.

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    I hope he didn't soil himself.

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