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Thread: New firearm new to oc law

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    New firearm new to oc law

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    Although, at first, your concerns may seem, at least on their face, as Valid, I would always remember that it is more important to follow Washington State Law than worry about the perceptions that others may cast upon you.

    Washington Code 9.41.290 holds that your Conduct is Legal.

    Furthermore, it is a good thing that you longer have to worry about Washington Code 9.41.240.

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    Congrats - As far as advice goes, READ everything in RCW 9.41. Hopefully the Stickies will get restuck once the switch tot he new software is finished and then READ all of that info.

    Knowledge is power, and always remeber that while going armed you need to always act responsibly. It may not be "right" or "fair" but you will held to a higher standard with less tolerance for reaction or escalation of a situation then the person who is not carrying.

    I recommend the book "In the Gravest Extreme" by Massad Ayoob to anyone considering a firearm for protection.

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    anyone one else oc here or have any advice for me?
    Plan on getting a digital voice recorder in case you do have an encounter with law enforcement and it goes badly - and remember to turn it on!

    Firearms safety training. Safety first, last and always.

    Get a good retention holster and practice drawing from it smoothly.

    Read RCW 9.41, and print off some copies of the OC pamphlet, both for your own use and to hand out if the opportunity arises. You might also want to print out and carry the RCW and training bulletin pamphlets I made, primarily for your own reference and possibly in case you have an encounter with law enforcement.

    Always remember, calm and courteous. Don't act like a jerk.

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