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Thread: GRNC Alert 06-26-10: Anti-Hunting Bill, S. 460 Headed for Finance Committee Vote

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    GRNC Alert 06-26-10: Anti-Hunting Bill, S. 460 Headed for Finance Committee Vote

    Grass Roots North Carolina, P.O. Box 10684, Raleigh, NC 27605
    919-664-8565,, GRNC Alert Hotline: (919) 562-4137

    GRNC Alert 06-26-10:
    Anti-Hunting Bill, S. 460 Headed for Finance Committee Vote

    "We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States.... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped...."
    - Wayne Pacelle, president, Humane Society of the United States

    Hearing expected Wednesday, June 30 at 8:30 am.

    And their first step is attacking dog breeders. S 460, now in the NC House Finance Committee, is designed to shut down commercial dog breeders. But as you can see from Mr. Pacelle's quote, this is just the opening salvo - employing a classic divide and conquer tactic - in a war to end all hunting in North Carolina.

    If S 460 truly promoted the welfare of animals, then one must question why it is being opposed by every other organization interested in the good of animals, such as: The American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, the American Veterinarian Medical Association, the North Carolina Agribusiness Council, the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs, and the North Carolina Sporting Dogs Association.

    If S 460 actually were for the good of the dogs, wouldn't the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) have at least ONE ally in their quest? Consider this strange quote attributed to Mr. Pacelle when asked if he envisions a future with not pets: , "I wouldn't say that I envision that, no. If I had my personal view perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another cat or dog born."

    See Actions section following the correction on an error in our last alert for further instructions.

    OOPS - Correction

    In out previous alert about HR 5175, the Disclose Act, we stated that all NC Democrats voted for it. We are informed that Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7) did NOT vote for this atrocity against your freedom of speech.


    Contact the members of the NC House Finance Committee listed below and deliver the following message:

    Dear Representative:

    I urge you to oppose S 460 which is currently in your committee - the House Finance Committee. This is simply a measure to reduce hunting rights and is not truly in the best interests of the dogs it purports to protect. In fact it is opposed by every group interested in the welfare of animals except for the Humane Society of the U.S. which has a solidly anti-hunting agenda.

    Please use every means at your disposal to stop this bad bill from moving forward.


    A Concerned North Carolina Voter

    Rep. Paul Luebke;, 919-733-7663
    Rep. Pryor Gibson;, 919-715-3007
    Rep. William L. Wainwright;; 919-733-5995
    Rep. Jennifer Weiss;, 919-715-3010
    Rep. Dewey L. Hill;, 919-733-5830
    Rep. Hugh Holliman;, 919-715-0873
    Rep. Julia C. Howard;, 919-733-5904
    Rep. Daniel F. McComas;, 919-733-5786
    Rep. Larry Womble;, 919-733-5777
    Rep. Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.;, 919-733-5778
    Rep. Curtis Blackwood;, 919-733-2406
    Rep. John M. Blust;, 919-733-5781
    Rep. R. Van Braxton;, 919-715-3017
    Rep. Becky Carney;, 919-733-5827
    Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham;, 919-715-0706
    Rep. Bill Faison;, 919-715-3019
    Rep. Dale R. Folwell;, 919-733-5787
    Rep. Larry D. Hall;, 919-733-5872
    Rep. Sandra Spaulding Hughes;, 919-733-5754
    Rep. Earl Jones;, 919-733-5825
    Rep. David R. Lewis;, 919-715-3015
    Rep. Darrell G. McCormick;, 919-733-5654
    Rep. Bill McGee;, 919-733-5747
    Rep. Bill Owens;, 919-733-0010
    Rep. Johnathan Rhyne, Jr.;, 919-733-5782
    Rep. Deborah K. Ross;, 919-733-5773
    Rep. Mitchell S. Setzer;, 919-733-4948
    Rep. Paul Stam;, 919-733-2962
    Rep. Edgar V. Starnes;, 919-733-5931
    Rep. Thom Tillis;, 919-733-5828


    You may find your NC representative by going here:

    You may write your federal congressman by going here:


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    I just read the full bill. Not sure I see in there how it is in any way anti-hunting. Please show me a line you are concerned with.

    It looks like it is simply regulating large commercial breeding operations and making rules regarding euthanasia. Am I wrong about this?

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