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Thread: Broken carry for 4 days

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    Broken carry for 4 days

    A couple of years ago I stopped carrying in my leather holsters and started carrying in a Blackhawk using the paddle attachement. I really like the height it rides at. Not too high and not too low.

    On the way to MT last week as I was getting in my car the holster snagged on the door frame (my fault) and before I could back up the paddle attachement broke. So I was left with one side of the paddle unattached, and unable to use it. It is a good thing I was with friends and remote for the days I couldn't carry.

    So, it is back to leather for me. All I need to do is find one that rides about the same and has a thumb break feature. Right now none of my leather for my 1911 has a retention so I am looking seriously at getting a DeSantis Cocked and Locked holster. It looks like it should do just fine.

    Lessons learned. Be careful of body placement when getting in the car (I carry Left Handed). If going on a trip, throw another holster in the suitcase in case something happens to the primary one.

    At least I was able to keep the gun loaded in the car while driving, both ID and MT are very firearms friendly.


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    i feel for ya, my carry pistol is very large and has a long grip which likes to snag/bang on things if im not paying attention.


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