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Thread: OC on the jordan river parway trail

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    OC on the jordan river parway trail

    Last sunday ( fathers day ) me and my 18 year old son went for a long bicycle ride along the jordan river parkway trail, and as we were heading south around 2300 south or so we passed some guy and his dog sitting on a bare mattress that was about 150' just west of the trail. That wasnt really surprising to me at all. Then as we went a little bit further there were about 8 uniformed cops and one plain clothed woman together walking on the trail towards us. I figured someone who was having a picnic on one of the benches and tables in the area or someone passing by had probably called about the guy on the mattress. As we approached them, half of them got to one side of the trail and the others went to the other side of the trail. I thought "well there is no way they arent going to see my .357 revolver in a pancake holster on my side now" My son was in front of me and as we passed them they all looked right at us and I just nodded and said " hi " and my son looked back ( i didnt) and he said that they were really checking me out as I went by. I just smiled and rode on. We came to where it goes under the freeway and the trail was under water so we just turned around to come back the way we came. Soon we could see that the cops had the mattress guy on the trail and were talking to him and they looked up the trail and saw us coming. All 8 of them moved over to my right side (the same side as my gun) and really were looking at me closely. I just slowly rode up to them and said hello again and rode right on by. again my son looked back and said that they were again checking me out really close. They didnt say one word to me. I think that in that area they must have been west valley cops. But anyway.... Thats my Open Carry story that I thought I would share because it involved them seeing me do it and it surprised me that they didnt say anything to me. I was actually wondering what would happen or what they might say, especially the second time passing right by them because ive heard alot of things about WV police bothering people over open carrying. Its all good..... so far.

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    Kudos to the cops!

    I am glad to see that your ride was uneventful. Hopefully there will be many more for you!

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    You're welcome. Looks like the training they issued has had a positive effect so far.


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