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Thread: Any truth to this News of the Weird? Good reason to get a CWP.

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    Any truth to this News of the Weird? Good reason to get a CWP.

    Several other interesting gun related stories in this weeks news but this one of special inerest.

    To ease the crowds entering the Texas Capitol building in Austin, officials recently opened an "express" line, bypassing most security precautions, for selected visitors and personnel. Obviously, members of the legislature use the express line, along with Capitol employees presenting ID. A third category of favored visitors: anyone with a Texas concealed-weapons carry permit. The Houston Chronicle reported in June that the lobbyists frustrated with the long security lines have been applying for concealed-weapons permits even if they expect never to touch a firearm. [Houston Chronicle, 6-2-10]

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabbitone View Post
    Heard this before, don't know if there is any truth in it.
    I'll call the capitol to see if this is true. I'll check back as soon as I get an answer.

    There is an express lane for employees of the capitol. However, CHL holders have their own line. How's about dat?
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    It's old news, but it is true.

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