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Thread: New to MN, but not to carrying lol

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    New to MN, but not to carrying lol

    Hey guys. I grew up here in this wonderful state, but I've been gone for quite a few years. The Marine Corps drug me down south and I ended up living in NC for quite a while. I love both states, but NC had one thing on MN: legal open carry w/o a permit. Granted I have a concealed handgun permit for that state as well.

    Anyway I've been carrying for years, and now that I'm back in MN it sucks to not have my sidearm with me. I'll be getting my carry permit training done as soon as possible, but damned if it isn't expensive up here! I got my training down in NC for a measly $50! I could have gotten it cheaper but I knew the guy and he gave a good class.

    So I just wanted to say hi! I'll have to get to know some of you guys since I'm up here now. I'll also ask if anyone is willing to give me a quick summary of MN's carry laws. I'm mostly interested in the specific do's and don'ts, and any weird crap that they've thrown in their. I'm more than capable of researching the topic myself, but if someone already has a quick version on hand to copy and paste I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I've been carrying for years, on top of my military service, so I'm more than capable and confident with a sidearm. I'm a hell of a good shot, too! I'm hoping to find someone that will give me a deal on the training fee since I'm already very competent, and being familiar with the law should help me convince them :-).

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    This was the best deal I came across:

    He spent a lot of time on the legalities of when you can and can't shoot, which was great for me coming from a castle doctrine/stand your ground state.

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