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Thread: Carry at Sears East Towne in Madison

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    Carry at Sears East Towne in Madison

    A friend from work carries all around Madison. A few weeks ago he walked into the Mall at the food court entrance. Before he got more than a few steps, the security guys met him and told him he could not carry in the mall, he left. He figures they must have been watching security cameras because they nearly met him at the door.
    Last week he needed to shop at Sears. He entered the store through their outside entrance. As soon as he (and a friend-also carrying) entered a woman and a man at a desk saw them and noticed they were carrying. He heard the woman say "I'm calling the police" and picked up the phone. The man picked up another phone and called (my friend assumes) the manager because a suit appeared quickly. The suit told his subordinates not to call the police, that it was O.K. They then shopped for about 1.5 hrs. without incident however he told me sales associates attempted to keep a distance. He didn't let them though. He pursued them, asking questions and forcing them to talk with him. When they finally left the store a Mall Security car was parked outside by his truck with two rent-a-cops inside it. He thinks they must have reviewed security tapes and found his vehicle. Nothing happened, they disarmed, cased and left. For anyone in the Madison area, let's keep shopping at Sears in the Mall and continue the acclimation process for these folks.

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    I was just wondering the other day if anyone had tried carrying in the Madison malls. I didn't know if they were posted or if they were like the La Crosse/Onalaska mall where it's not posted, but they secretly have a policy banning firearms. So at the Valley View Mall the only way to find out was to ask security, or carry there yourself. There's no signs banning and even their website says nothing about it.
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    Yeah the mall is posted, it's in very tiny print on a long list of prohibited offenses located at the main mall entrances. It looks the a typical list you'd likely see in most malls throughout America.

    Good on the Sears manager for stepping up also. I thought Sears/Kmart had a no weapons policy though? Maybe he realizes the reality of allowing law abiding citizens to carry in the store.

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    East Towne Mall's no firearms policy has been in effect long before open carry became popular. If you purchase a rifle or shotgun at Dick's they will inform you that per mall policy their salesperson must carry the firearm to the exit and hand it to you as you leave. They will not allow you to carry the boxed firearm through the mall.

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    they did that at walmart in Onalaska when I bought a .22 there.
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