I want to give thanks with a very greatfull heart, to the persons that sended to me the emblems of the groups, I know there are at least 2 persons againt having emblems, but I think they are great and makes you feel that you belong to it, I had the emblems of the O.C. from Florida,Nevada,Michigan,Wisconsing, and 2 emblems from Misssouri - Saint Louis,Missouri, and I received from Connecticut a CCDL, and Idaho,ICdl, and North Carolina CDL,
Folks, I hope you remember to post them as soon as you have them, last week I got two from the U.K, and one from Canada, Some day we will have them. and I will post them , it will be nice to see them.
And thank, every body that gave me ideas in how to get "out of the dog house", I will never forget my wife birthday again for sure.
I hope I can start posting more questions after July 11th. right now is hard for me to think my mind and body is in South África, the Fútbol world cup is being play there, and I am a fan. Thank you, and muchas grácias, for your patience understanding my poor English. Israel.