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    Cool Idaho City

    My wife and I went to Idaho City last weekend,and I O.C. all over the town, and chat with a policeman and we had a great time overthere, I think I gained few more punds eating at Trudy's and ice cream at Sarsaparrilla, Ah! the good life, but then I thought wat is the diference of people from Idaho vs. people from California ? it is ok. to O.C. in Idaho, but I did not see hundreds of O.Ciers. women and children did not started screaming and fleding becouse they saw "carracer" and me packing guns, Do people in California, specially Señora Láura Saldaña, think that if they allowed its people to O.C. loaded guns , everybody will do it at once? , I hope I made sense of my question, it is been there in my mind for long time now. any body wants to educate me ? Grácias. Israel.

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    sounds fun! Glad it went well!

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