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Thread: Is there anything a visitor should know about Wisconsin gun laws?

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    Is there anything a visitor should know about Wisconsin gun laws?

    Hey, Y'all

    I'll be up in beautiful Wisconsin for a week starting next Friday, and I am just checking to see if there are any odd or lesser-known gun laws I need to be careful of. May dad's entire family lives there, so I have been many times, and I have almost always taken firearms with me when I went. But, I honestly don't know the specifics of the gun laws in Wisconsin.

    In the past, I have only taken my firearms out while shooting on my cousin's farm. Due to the relatively recent change of climate towards open carry in Wisconsin, I was considering OCing myself, while on my vacation. I realise that OC still might bring me additional attention from LE, so I would like to make sure that I don't accidentally do something that is illegal while OCing with LE watching.

    What I do know (or think I know):
    -No concealed carry
    -No carry on or about your person in a vehicle
    -No carry within 1,000ft of any school

    Are there any other places that are off limits? i.e.
    -Places that serve alcohol?
    -Government buildings?

    I expect that most of my time will be spent out on a lake, but I might get out a few times for a little fun with my relatives. Bay Beach, the Packer's HOF, a Timber Ratlers' game, and the Dells were all mentioned as possible things to see and do, so if any of these are known to be anti-gun or no-OC places, I would like to know in advance.

    I know it doesn't make any real difference, but I do have my Virginia CHP, and I do open carry regularly here in the Commonwealth.

    Thanks for any help that can be given.
    -Steve P.

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    Basic rules of thumb for Wisconsin--

    No concealed carry.
    No handguns (only) in places that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises, without permission of the owner/manager.
    No firearms in state parks unless unloaded and encased.
    No firearms in government buildings -- i.e., owned or leased by the state or a municipal government. (Without permission.)
    No firearms within 1000 feet of school grounds (grades 1-12) unless unloaded and encased OR unless on private property.
    Transport in a vehicle requires the firearm to be unloaded and in a gun case.
    Municipalities can regulate the discharge of a firearm, so if you're planning target shooting make sure you know the local law.

    There is nothing prohibiting firearms in banks or churches or anywhere else not listed above. Although some municipalities seem to believe they can regulate possession of firearms in their local parks.
    Most private businesses don't seem to have a policy prohibiting guns, but if you're told to leave or to remove the gun from the premises, best thing to do is to comply or face a possible trespassing citation.

    Keep in mind most Wisconsinites probably haven't seen fellow citizens open carrying, so there's always a chance somebody will not like it. The vast majority of OC experiences in WI are without anything noteworthy happening. Most people either don't notice the gun or give no outward sign of recognition or concern. They just go on doing what they had been doing. Also keep in mind that large areas of Wisconsin during the summer are populated by tourists from Illinois, so draw your own conclusions about that.

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    Well said and without extraneous crap.

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    Well said shotgun, right to the point. Some places that don't allow oc are Buffalo Wild Wings, and some of the Burger Kings. Problems with oc seem to be rare.

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    and don't forget that the starbuckians embrace our rights, so do stop for a cup of their coffee, while carrying!

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    Thanks for the tips.

    I'm accustomed to the regular issue that might occur while OCing (being asked to leave are disarm), although it has only ever happened to me twice.

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