As we already knew, DNR is not concerned about concealed so much as encased....
Warden Jason Roberts (Walworth County) responded to a complaint of road hunting in the town of Sharon, after a hunter in the woods heard several shots come from the road into the woods where he was hunting. Roberts was able to make contact with the suspects. Roberts found three .243 casings on the paved roadway along with deer blood and hair in the farm field. Roberts searched the vehicle and found an uncased handgun under the front seat of the truck belonging to the passenger. Roberts found that the two hunters had also purchased fraudulent resident deer licenses, as they were both residents of Illinois and were hunting with resident deer licenses. Citations were issued for shooting from a roadway, having an uncased firearm and two citations for fraud in obtaining a resident license.
Enclosed within a carrying case for firearms means that a firearm must be completely
contained in a case expressly made for that purpose. The case must fully enclose the
firearm by being zipped, buckled, tied, or otherwise fastened, with no portion of the
firearm exposed. Homemade cases are legal if they conform to this definition.
transport a handgun in a vehicle unless it is unloaded and completely enclosed
within a carrying case. Note: A holster is not a legal carrying case unless it completely
encloses the handgun
A holster IS a case if it completely encloses the firearm