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Thread: Traveling trough Oregon

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    Cool Traveling trough Oregon

    I live in Boise, and this friday we are traveling to Yakima and Seattle, and will travel trough Oregon freeway and pass some towns, and I do not remember if is OK to pack my gun in my hip fully loaded, or I need to store it inside de car, can somebody remaind me again?, I always drive at the speed limit in Oregon I know is way to slow for us Idahoans, but I am affraid to speed and stop by state police and you know , trouble. please help me it will be ok for me to store my gun, but if is ok to keep it in the open it will be great, Thanks.

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    Oregon's law does not prohibit carrying your firearm loaded in a vehicle and specifically says firearms carried openly in belt holsters are not considered concealed.

    None of the cities requiring unloaded carry without a CPL will be found in Eastern Oregon.

    Your route should make you alright through Oregon.

    Washington, however, does not recognize your Idaho permit and you will need to be unloaded while in the car or have it stowed.

    Idaho honors ours but we do not return the favor for whatever reason our AG has.

    Highly recommend you stop in Yakima or Seattle and apply for your Washington permit while you are here. Won't help you on this trip, but will on future trips into the state.

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