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Thread: Michigan - hold up a sec!

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    Michigan - hold up a sec!

    In Michigan, you can open carry a registered gun WITHOUT a Concealed Pistol License.

    If someone OCs without a CPL, then their pistol registration card is what they would disclose if need be, correct?

    But I don't have to disclose ID if approached by a LEO in public or private property, correct? Or is it just private property?

    What I'm getting at is - what if someone were to OC with an illegal gun?

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    You only need the card if you turned in the registration paperwork in the last 30 days... you don't even need to carry it past that. As for carrying an unregistered pistol, they'd need to have a reason (or your consent) to run the registration. They may stop you and run it without good reason and you'd probably lose in local courts, but with a good lawyer you should be able to get off the hook if they didn't have RAS.

    You don't need ID to OC. I won't get into the complications of OC'ing in pistol-free zones. The Michigan forum would be a much better place if you want to get into details.

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