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Thread: Greater Richmond OC Breakfast 9:30 AM Sat July 3, 2010 @ Cracker Barrel @ Mayland Dr

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    Greater Richmond OC Breakfast 9:30 AM Sat July 3, 2010 @ Cracker Barrel @ Mayland Dr

    Here we go again, having breakfast on a Saturday morning.

    Folks have been asking for a round table so we can all see each other and not lean over each other's plates in order to talk/hear. So here's a place with a round table that we might be able to get for our group.

    Cracker Barrel Old Country Str804-290-0713 | Official Website
    3620 Mayland Ct, Richmond, VA
    Reviews | Map | Directions

    Rate it | Review it
    (8.3 miles){"lat":"37.638962","lon":"-77.569594","cb":false,"photo":""}, VA&search_submit=Search&icid=oneclick_mapquestyp&i nvocationType=oneClick.freesearch&flv=1

    Not that it matters, since they do not serve alcohol, but this is billed as an OC breakfast. Come carrying as you wish - OC, CC, NoC. It's about the fellowship and conversation, plus the chance to feed the geese & ducks afterwards. [Just remember to order that extra biscuit for our woodland creatures :>)]

    stay safe.

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    I will join you.

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    We shall be able to view the location of the festivities last night from the comfort of a rocking chair.

    Bringing my appetite with me.
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    Ill miss you this week guys.

    I have to say though, that its nice to wake up and hear nothing but birds and a cow or so in the distance.

    And it was nice to walk out and see nothing but trees, fields and a couple of Deer.

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