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Thread: 43 states now allow gun carry where alcohol is served

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    Post 43 states now allow gun carry where alcohol is served

    Found this in the VA forum.

    Sadly, I think their State is way ahead of ours when it comes to OC.

    Article link:

    What does this mean to MI carriers & where do you think it will lead? Example possible lifting of restrictions on non CPL holders from OC shopping in grocery stores or other places that sell "closed" containers of alcohol.

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    Eventually, through persistent action, it will change.

    It makes no sense to me not to be able to carry at Krogers w/out CPL, because they sell alcohol. They arent gonna let you crack open a 6 pack of beer and start drinking it in the store, and wait for an hour or 2 so you get drunk enough to impair your judgement. And even if you did, its not going to send you on a killing spree in the deli.

    Oh but with that magical little blue permission slip, everything changes.

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