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Thread: "No Dogs Allowed!" Said a Sandy Cop, but said nothing about my OCing!

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    "No Dogs Allowed!" Said a Sandy Cop, but said nothing about my OCing!

    Happy 4th of July, so I packed up the family and the dog to go see the parade in Sandy City. I decide to OC my wife's Bersa 380 in a Fobus, (going light) I dropped the family off while I parked the car, so the puppy and I are walking to the parade, I picked the puppy up and start to walk onto Sandy City property, and right pass the big Sandy City Police RV with 5-6 Cops out in front of it. While crossing the Street, I hear and see this short Cop coming towards me, pointing his his finger at me but his hand was up high past my gun height. I thought "here we go" but he repeats, the dog, dog, the dog. I say you want to know what kind of Dog it is? He says, "No Dogs Allowed" on the City park area (where all the vendors where on the grass.) I said, I didn't know that and I did not see any signs. He said, it is posted in different areas. As he walks away, now with the other Cops, looking at me on the phone with the wife, and I notice a woman with her dog on the City Property, and I yell to him, (who is 30' away from me) pointing at the woman and dog. "Hey, what about that dog over there?" He says where, I yell back right there!
    He never said anything about my Firearm, not one of the many LEOs there in the Parade, one Cop in his (CSI Truck) in the parade noticed me and my Bersa. He kept looking at me and I at him until he moved forward, a Congressman walked past me no one stood between him and I. Overall a great day of true Independence!
    Again, Happy 4th of July to all.
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