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Thread: How will (did) You Celebrate Independence Day with OC?

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    How will (did) You Celebrate Independence Day with OC?

    Independence Day is the celebration that speaks most directly to who and what we are as free people. There is a thread started by Southern Boy that refers to much of that struggle:

    What I seek to share with others here is what YOU did in celebration of this day whether watching patriotic films, BBQing, writing letters to congressmen or working - and how OC played a part.

    Do NOT post dissenting opinions or negative comments about where we are or where we are going in this continued struggle. No negative discourse permitted.

    Make this a celebration and make it personal! Marching bands and flag waving permitted!
    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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    Today... on July 4th... Independence Day... the day set aside to celebrate kicking King George to the curb... the one day out of the year set aside to honor the freedom we enjoy all of the days of the year....

    Yooperlady and I held our annual backyard open carry picnic for family, friends, and neighbors. And each year we have more and new people attending. Some open carry, some do not, but everyone eats their fill, talks up a blue streak, makes new acquaintances..... and no one, not one (including small children), have any problems with people carrying guns in plain sight on their hips.

    It was a very good day.
    Gun control isn't about the gun at all.... for those who want gun control it is all about their own fragile egos, their own lack of self esteem, their own inner fears, and most importantly... their own desire to dominate others. And an openly carried gun is a slap in the face to all of those things.

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    How I celebrated Independence Day

    By attending the 4 Night Defensive Handgun course at Front Sight. The class was great. The fireworks last night were spectacular.

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    by getting a tattoo

    Molon Labe in the original greek.
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    Quote Originally Posted by p85 View Post
    Molon Labe in the original greek.
    I'm getting a very similar tattoo in August!

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    I OC'd around Rapid as I went spending money like a good American Gas station, Uhaul storage, Cabelas, Radioshack. We get a lot of tourist around in the summer, especially around the 4th due to our proximity to Mt. Rushmore. In the Cabelas lot I noted plates from Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Iowa, New York, California, etc.

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    I too went out with family for a picnic near the water, rode my first waterski, GOD, what a blast, lol!! Been wanting
    to do that for years.

    Eternal viligence people, to keep the freedoms that we have. Get educated.

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