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Thread: OC in Sugar House Park

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    OC in Sugar House Park

    I took my critters over to Sugar House Park before the fireworks to check out the vendors and see all of the cool ducks, seagulls & Pigeons around the pond. It was a really good experience. I was carrying my XD as usual & wasn't harassed a bit. The place was swarming with LEOs. It was a lot of fun. I don't know if anyone else was there, but there were some guys giving away some free "energy bar" type frozen things on a stick. The kids and I were bouncing off of the walls until almost 4:00 AM, and I'm sure it was those darn energy things.

    Anyone else have a good or negative OC experience at the fireworks shows this year?

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    No issues here

    I figure that however else a fellow may choose to carry, there are a few days each year that just beg of OC as a pure political statement. Independence Day is one of those days. (Elections are another time for OC for purely political reasons, IMO.)

    So, as usual we started our day at our Church pancake breakfast. This is held outdoors at a church owned ballpark, so it is perfectly legal to carry. I OC'd my full sized 1911 as I helped cook for the congregants and neighbors who showed up. I've been doing this for years and so I'd get more comments and questions if I didn't carry than I did for OCing. One fellow church member doesn't personally care for OC, but we are good friends and so he ribs me a bit each year. This year he said, "When you've fired the 6 1/2 guns on a navy ship, then you've got bragging rights."

    We had some work to go around the house and so we skipped the Sandy City midway this year; so no chance for anything there one way or the other.

    We did a quick run to Costco; and because we were in a hurry and the place was packed to the gills and I just wasn't in the mood to educate anyone immediately before lunch and naps, I untucked my T-shirt on the right side and pulled it halfway down over the gun & holster. Nobody gave any indication of noticing the large bulge under or muzzle sticking out beneath my T-shirt on my right hip.

    We did head over to the Sandy City parade. Nobody said a word or gave any indication of even noticing the black 1911/holster combination sitting against my white T-shirt. Because of the house work I've been doing I was probably dressed about as poorly as I've ever been while OCing (older jeans, dirty white T-shirt, and dirty ball cap).

    No issues, no shortage of Sandy PD at the parade; lots of people. Nobody said a word except one friend with whom I visited and he commented only in a brief and positive manner. I responded with my usual, "Good day to take your gun for a walk..." comment.

    We skipped the fireworks and instead let the kids and their cousins light a few of their own in the backyard so we could get them to bed a little earlier.

    So I was out and about a lot less this year than I normally am, but it was entirely uneventful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by utbagpiper View Post
    This year he said, "When you've fired the 6 1/2 guns on a navy ship, then you've got bragging rights."
    Does firing a 12" fireworks mortar count?

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