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Thread: Careless shooting in Greenwater

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    Careless shooting in Greenwater

    Too many people are just carelessly and recklessly shooting out in Greenwater. It seems a lot of people adopt bad habits. Last year when I went camping out there, I was going down different sites off of 74 and 73, and I saw a guy shooting his .22 LR into the woods across the river. There could have been people hiking over there. I just thought it seemed rather reckless. I'm not sure what the shooting laws are out there, but it seems that you should never be shooting unless you know exactly what is behind the area you're shooting at.

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    illegal to shoot across a body of water too I believe

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    Except when I am duck hunting.....

    Quote Originally Posted by sudden valley gunner View Post
    illegal to shoot across a body of water too I believe
    Live Free or Die!

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    WAC 332-52-145

    Firearms and target shooting.
    (1) What is recreational target shooting? Recreational target shooting is the use of a firearm or bow and arrow on targets and the sighting in of rifles or other firearms on department-managed lands. The department regulates and enforces target shooting on department-managed lands.

    (a) The department may restrict target shooting for the reasons set forth in WAC 332-52-100.

    (b) Persons shall not target shoot carelessly, recklessly, or without regard for the safety of any person, or in a manner that endangers, or is likely to endanger, any person, pet, livestock, wildlife or property.

    (c) Persons shall not discharge tracer or incendiary ammunition or projectile devices on department-managed lands. For purposes of this subsection, "incendiary" means causing or designed to cause fires, such as certain substances or bombs. "Tracer ammunition" means a bullet, projectile, or shell that traces its own course in the air with a trail of smoke, chemical incandescence, or fire, so as to facilitate adjustment of the aim.

    (2) Does recreational target shooting include hunting? No. This section does not apply to hunting activities, which are subject to the rules and regulations administered by the Washington state department of fish and wildlife.

    (3) Where is target shooting permitted?

    (a) Persons may target shoot in:

    (i) Developed recreation facilities specifically designed for target shooting; or

    (ii) Areas with an unobstructed, earthen backstop capable of stopping all projectiles and debris in a safe manner.

    Persons shall not target shoot in any other location.

    (b) Persons shall not shoot within, from, along, across, or down roads or trails.

    (c) Persons shall not shoot on, at, across, along, down, from, or within five hundred feet, of:

    (i) Recreational facilities that are not specifically designed for target shooting;

    (ii) Residences;

    (iii) Businesses;

    (iv) Structures;

    (v) Other areas as restricted;

    (vi) Areas designated or posted as no shooting.

    (4) What may be used as a target?

    (a) Items that are commercially manufactured for the specific purpose of target shooting or similar targets privately manufactured by the person(s) engaging in target shooting that are consistent with this section.

    (b) Unauthorized targets include but are not limited to:

    (i) Natural features, except earthen berms or banks used as backstops for target shooting;

    (ii) Vegetation;

    (iii) Structures;

    (iv) Gates;

    (v) Vehicles;

    (vi) Signs;

    (vii) Other department improvements;

    (viii) Appliances;

    (ix) Furniture;

    (x) Glass;

    (xi) Privately owned or occupied structures;

    (xii) Pets, service animals or livestock;

    (xiii) Wildlife;

    (xiv) Explosive and incendiary items;

    (xv) Garbage of any kind.

    Persons shall not target shoot at unauthorized targets.

    (5) When is target shooting permitted? Unless otherwise posted, persons shall not target shoot one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.

    (6) Is possession of a loaded firearm in or on a motor vehicle permitted on department-managed lands? Persons shall not possess a loaded firearm in or on a motor vehicle, except as provided by state law.

    (7) Who is responsible for disposing of spent items resulting from target shooting? Persons who target shoot shall dispose of spent items and remove all shell casings, targets, ammunition packaging, or target fragments resulting from their activity, with the exception of biodegradable clay targets. Failure to remove any such debris is prohibited.

    (8) Any violation of this section is a misdemeanor except a violation of subsection (7) of this section is an infraction under chapter 7.84 RCW.

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    The majority of the Greenwater area is a no-fire zone... $250 fine for discharge of a firearm.

    I just recently discovered that the WALL on FS-70 is open again, and have heard that there are several other sites where signs indicate you should shoot safely. But everywhere there is a trail, road, river or lake (pretty much most of Greenwater area) is posted NO SHOOTING

    People still do... as evidence by the numerous casings left behind at camp sites throughout the MBSNF... but they do what they can to discourage careless shooting.

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