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Thread: Florida State Rep Candidate Anti Civil Rights

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    Florida State Rep Candidate Anti Civil Rights!/VoteHepburn?v=wall

    Quote Originally Posted by MICHAEL A. HEPBURN
    I know that our State currently does not allow individuals to openly carry and I do not support removing the ban. According to the Legal Community Against Violence, a public interest law center based in San Francisco Illinois, Texas and the District of Columbia have a similar open-carry ban.

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    I imagine this man is trolling the politician, great response. really shows how ridiculous the children card is.

    During my listening tour while speaking to many of my future constituents about this matter. Parents were concerned about their children being comfortable seeing handguns in public places, and also concerned for their own safety. Also some restaurant owners felt that it would hurt their business because of patrons choosing to go elsewhere, etc.
    June 30 at 12:32pm

    Kris Liddle
    I am concerned with my children being uncomfortable seeing stars of David and turbans in public. Will you support a ban on first amendment rights for the sake of children as well?

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