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Thread: Texas Dems looking to court the Texas pro-gun lobby

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    Texas Dems looking to court the Texas pro-gun lobby
    Quote Originally Posted by The Dallas Morning News
    But interspersed among the Democratic family were the new in-laws of issues. For a party that hasn't won statewide office in 15 years, anti-abortion and pro-gun advocates are the freshly minted relatives in a marriage of inclusion and necessity.

    "I'm a liberal Democrat, and this is an issue that should affect all of us," said gun caucus leader Daniel Barnett of Dallas.

    Barnett, wearing a black T-shirt with the Texas Independence battle logo "Come and Take It" printed in white letters, turned his back to the gathered enthusiasts and threw a stuffed toy donkey over his shoulder like a bridal bouquet.

    But the donkey was a stand-in for the real prize: a 30-round magazine. Two nearby women scrambled until the gleeful claimant waved the captured toy over her head and gratefully accepted the (empty) magazine.
    Might this along with the recent SCOTUS ruling perhaps help us get a constitutional carry law passed next year?

    I'm not suggesting that we vote democrat and pray they mean what they say. What I am thinking is that they might be more receptive of a constitutional carry bill these days and that it might help win support in the legislature. Though I am no politician and I am new here, so I really have no idea. It's just a thought. Would love to hear your opinions on the subject matter as well.

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    Open carry in texas

    The Candidate, either incumbent or otherwise that gets OPEN CARRY in this STATE will be the NEXT GOVERNOR!

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