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Thread: Anyone have any (ironic) negative encounters on the 4th of July?

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    Anyone have any (ironic) negative encounters on the 4th of July?

    Just curious. I did not, carried downtown Flint for fireworks, then into a few bars after words.

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    among other places, I oc'd at the fireworks at lapeer west high school on the 4th of july. No issues. There were ton's of cops there.

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    I was on the Navy Pier in Chicago on the 4th. I could not even have a gun on my person in any fashion. Or in the hotel. The News said that there were 1000 police officers on duty at the pier and Grant park. I believe that. I saw clusters of police groups of 5 and 10 everywhere. Only handguns no ar-15 types or riot gear just plain street gear.

    Two of the clusters

    Sorry for the blur on this one someone bumped me as I took the picture.

    I felt safe there but I would have liked my Sig with me on the walk back to the Hotel.
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    Home for the Holiday

    I made it home for the 4th from Iowa. I spent most of my time in and around the Mason area from Thursday until tuesday the 6th. I open carried at the Mason 4th of July Parade with no issues. I even talked with an officer I knew growing up and he never even mentioned it. It was a good time. And it was nice to not have to deal with any harrassment.

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