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Thread: Sacremento Bee - State has eroded gun owners' rights

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    Sacremento Bee - State has eroded gun owners' rights


    The Conversation: High court tilts the scales in favor of guns
    It's about time: State has eroded gun owners' rights
    By Steve Helsley
    Special to The Bee
    Published: Sunday, Jul. 4, 2010 - 12:00 am | Page 1E
    Last Modified: Monday, Jul. 5, 2010 - 1:51 pm
    Has California overreached with its gun control laws? Or should it go further? To comment on this issue, please use our forum.

    The past 20 years have seen California's Legislature enact a wish list for gun control advocates, including "banning" so-called "unsafe handguns," restricting handgun purchases to one per month and a number of expansions and clarifications of the original "assault weapon" legislation.

    All were touted as must-have tools for law enforcement's crime-fighting arsenal. Yet the result has been 20 years of unintended consequences, a steady erosion of the rights of gun owners, and no measurable enhancement of public safety.

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    From the Sac Bee, no less

    The author, a "legislative analyst" and former LEO is offended by the infringement of our liberties for political ends. He is pessimistic that it will get better given the makeup of our legislature.

    No kidding.

    And they published it in the Sac Bee. Will the wonders ever cease.

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    Wow I was supervised to see this in the Sac Bee too. I'm glad that at least one person in the media has their head screwed on right.

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    I used to read the Bee every morning.

    Holy crap they actually went to press with this truth?

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