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Thread: Open Carry in Casinos

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    Open Carry in Casinos

    I'm headed to LV at the end of the month and wanted to see what people's experiences have been open carrying in the casinos and hotels on the strip...

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    you'll probably be asked to leave, though I would postulate that some casinos are so fearful of loosing even a single customer that they may not.

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    Depending on the casino...
    *You will be asked to leave the property.
    *You will be asked to secure the firearm in your vehicle.
    *You will be asked to secure the firearm in your room.
    *You will be asked to secure the firearm with hotel/casino security.
    *You will be asked to keep it concealed, assuming you have a valid CCW permit.

    Results may vary.

    If they ask you to leave and you refuse, you can get arrested for tresspassing [NRS 207.200].

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