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Thread: Content of your personal vehicle on someone elses private property.

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    Cool Content of your personal vehicle on someone elses private property.

    I was under the impression that under the Michigan Castle doctrine that you vehicle was now an extension of your home. I know other states have passed laws in reguards to vehicle contents that protect your employer from telling you what can and cannot have in your vehicle while it is on their property. SO-can your employer in Michigan tell you what you can have in your vehicle while it is in the parking lot of their establishment? Also, what if employees share the same parking areas that the general public would use to frequent this same establishment?

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    (a) The individual against whom deadly force or force other than deadly force is used is in the process of breaking and entering a dwelling or business premises or committing home invasion or has broken and entered a dwelling or business premises or committed home invasion and is still present in the dwelling or business premises, or is unlawfully attempting to remove another individual from a dwelling, business premises, or occupied vehicle against his or her will.
    As I understand it it doesn't really extend all the rights of the home to your vehicle, it allows you to defend yourself if someone is attempting to unlawfully remove you from your vehicle.

    As it stands right now private property owners still retain the right to choose what to allow on their property, even in your personal car which is on their property.

    Bills have been introduced that would allow people to store legally owned firearms in their vehicles in the parking lots of businessess; SB 792 & HB 5302. Right now they're sitting dormant, if this is something you believe in you should contact your reps. and let them know your thoughts.

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    castle doctrine

    as i understood the essence of the castle doctrine it doesn't matter home, car, trailer, work or wherever. if you are in a place you are legally entitled to be you have no duty to retreat at all. if i read it right company wholly owned or leased property they can impose no weapon rule. if you work at old navy in a strip mall next to bed bath and beyond there is nothing they can say. what are the chances of a situation coming up where they would need to force you into searching your vehicle as part of conditions of your employment. maybe if you were suspected of stealing or were talking guns guns guns at work. i see a lot of unnecessary broadcasting. PROTECTED BY SMITH AND WESSON bumper stickers. the 2A american flag sticker i got at warren picnic a little more subtle. i guess OC itself is broadcasting too but not drawing attention to your property. just my 2 cents.
    my work was at the end of a business park cul-de-sac with a circle at the end. i parked further away in the circle so as not to be on company property making possession of my weapon not a violation of company policy and not subject to search. every morning i took the slide, barrel, and spring with me and left lower half and magazine in my vehicle. reassembled at quitting time. little longer walk but it was worth it. that's 2 more cents. thanks. bye.

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