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Thread: Dave Ross candidate for Lt Governor support Constitutional Carry

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    Dave Ross candidate for Lt Governor support Constitutional Carry

    I had sent an email a while ago to him asking his position. I received this back.


    Thanks for your email. I support open and carry as well as conceal and carry. This right should never require a permit from any governmental agency. I will oppose any restrictions placed on ownership of fire arms by law abiding citizens. Sorry for the late res ponce. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks Dave
    Dave Ross Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
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    So, it looks like the 2 candidates that are left on the Republican side for Lt Governor both support 'Constitutional Carry'.

    Personally I am voting for Rebecca Kleefisch but I thought you'd want to know.

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    a candidate with a back bone........groovy.

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    We need more people like this to run for public office.

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    my kind of lt. governor! he gets the part of; shall not be infringed.

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