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Thread: Some Strange Happenings Last Night

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    Some Strange Happenings Last Night

    Came home from work last night about 1am and as I pull in front of my house to turn into the driveway I see someone laying in the street.

    I live on a very quiet street with only one access point so we rarely get strangers.

    I grabbed my phone and called 911 from the car while in the driveway. Also gave the dispatcher a description of what I was wearing and that I was armed and open carrying, didnt want to spook the cop.

    I never approached the guy, no idea what his intentions were or his state of intoxication. He was a white male, mid 20's, no shirt and laying with his head on a black duffel bag.

    I could see him moving so I knew he was not dead. I just stood on my porch watching him until the officer arrived.

    Took the officer a few minutes to get the guy up, he was a bit wobbly when he stood up finally. The officer searched his bag and him and then asked him questions for about 15 minutes. Finally the officer put him in the back seat without cuffs and stuck his bag in the trunk and left.

    In all, it ended a lot better than it perhaps could have, no one was hurt and no one was cuffed. Man did it ever get my adrenaline up though.

    The worst part of it all, my wife never noticed a thing... I told her several times that it is things like this that make me want to have her go to the range with me but she is still not willing to do that.

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    Well, as I recall, the main job of constables (before they became poh-leece), was to round up dead bodies, help the drunks get home, and watch for fires.

    Sounds like this cop was doing his traditional job.

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    Nice to read a good LEO story.

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    Glad nothing big became of it. Goes to show how important it is to keep an eye on things around your house no matter what time it is.

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