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Thread: Attempted robbery and gunfight turns out bad for alleged suspects

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    Attempted robbery and gunfight turns out bad for alleged suspects

    CINCINNATI - A would-be street robber in Mount Auburn suffered the more serious injuries when his victim pulled out a gun and shot him three times.

    It all happened around 11:30 p.m. Thursday night on Boal Street in Mount Auburn.

    Cincinnati police officers at the scene tell 9 News that the would-be victim was possibly looking for help with directions.

    That's when he was approached by one or two men attempting to rob him.

    What the robbery suspects didn't know was the man they approached is an Iraq War veteran, has a gun permit and a loaded gun in the car.

    The attempted robbery victim fired at least three shots, some of them hitting the would-be robber in the mid-section.

    One of the robbery suspects was also carrying a gun, and he fired at the victim, hitting the victim in the arm, possibly grazing a passenger and smashing the rear window of the victim's car.

    Police have not released the identities or conditions of any of the people involved in this attempted robbery and gunfight at the foot of Mount Auburn.

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    Ah you're good old fashion armed robbery... Standard.

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    we had a good one reported in the local paper here recently; 2 thugs tried to rob a guy of his cell phone, one pulls a gun, and the victim grabs the gun. the criminals ran off. i guess crime doesn't pay.

    had another one recently where the criminal robbing the victim told the victim it was his (the criminal's) profession. hope someday he doesn't come across someone who's profession is to defend themselves.

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