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Thread: Louisiana Pro Carry Establishments

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    Louisiana Pro Carry Establishments

    Some people, firms, establishments in Louisiana really do "get it" regarding carrying for personal defense.

    Post your articles and pictures of such here for all to

    As you will see here, the antis are squirming.
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    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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    The law the Gov signed really isn't all that great and ignores the fact that guns were already allowed in churches as long as they were open carried and not concealed.
    The new law makes CHP holders jump through hoops by having to take yearly 8 hour "Tactical" training classes on top of the 9 hours required to get the CHP in the first place. This adds to the cost of the CHP and the added training is not required to carry anywhere else such as a resutrant. This causes me concern because of the Sliperry Slope which the anits can start with this new requirement.
    First they say the added "Tactical" training is necessary because of the crowded conditions found in a typical church. It's not a stretch for them to then apply that to other places like Resturants (people are packed in there at tables) or stores (look at how crowded it is at Walmart on a Sunday afternoon) or anywhere else.
    Then there's the whole arguement they used to put this out there. The arguement that the CHP holders would act as a Armed Security Force for the church.
    CHP holders are taught over and over that they are not cops or security guards and having a CHP does not give them any special powers of arrest or license them to provide bodyguard services. Your CHP is to give you a chance to carry for your own PERSONAL PROTECTION. If a church wants to hire a security force they can call Wackenhut or a similar Security company of contract with local Police for addition protection. Using CHP holders as some sort of Deputised church guard force is a total misuse and misrepresentation of what the CHP is for.
    I am not a fan of this new law as I don't see where it as done anything to help gun owners.
    Of course, being atheist like I am there's almost no chance of me being in a church unless it's for the funural of a loved one in which case I'll be armed regardless of what the law is.

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