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Thread: Let me tell my story - again - for the newbies.

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    Let me tell my story - again - for the newbies.

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    I believe 'pea brain' was implying that if there is mandatory training, some states use phrases such as 'NRA approved training' so these 'volunteer' groups benefit by not having Constitutional Carry. I believe Doug is many things, I believe his brain is not the size of a pea.
    i surrendered by South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit when I moved to Wisconsin.

    After I got my permit, I became acquainted with the principals of Grass Roots South Carolina. The same people still are the principals and officers. Being impressed by their principles I set out to qualify as SC CWP instructor which required joining the NRA for my Pistol Instructor Certification. I worked through the protocol to the point of building my lesson plan for approval by the state.

    Then I commented on South Carolina Stats. 23-31-210(5)(b), that a private organization should not be mentioned in law and granting this organization a sinecure. The grubs crawled out from under the rocks, I left the NRA, having learned to despise it and its chamberlains (night water carriers for the NRA Emperor with new clothes).

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    A great job of throwing the baby out with the bathwater Doug.

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    I don't know a whole heck of a lot about the NRA, but I learned about as much as I need to this week when I learned they were seriously considering endorsing Harry Reid in the elections. I can tell just from that sort of backward thinking that I don't want to have a thing to do with them. Their strategy was some sort of a twisted lesser of two evils backdoor approach. Kinda of like backing the enemy and getting him into your pockets will cause him to do favors for you later,,uh-huh. That is paying of the bloods so you can play in Lincoln Park. Maybe Harry's going to start his own gun club with charter members, Harry, Biding my Time, Obammer, Pelosi, and Daley. The Black Panthers will be campaign veterans and head up the new militia formed under a new translation of the 2nd. With the NRA in their pocket, they'll have an instant 4 million minus those that get out before it's too late.

    NRA- You can't fight on both sides of a war, a house divided against itself will fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
    A great job of throwing the baby out with the bathwater Doug.

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