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Thread: "No Open Weapons Carry" Bike Time in Muskegon (??)

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    "No Open Weapons Carry" Bike Time in Muskegon (??)

    I was just looking at the website for Muskegon Bike Time 2010, and in capital letters it reads ATTENTION Participants...NO OPEN WEAPONS CARRY!

    There is also a "Contact Us" tab for comments, has anyone contacted them regarding this? And aren't the streets of Muskegon "public property/public access"? Under state pre-emption, is this even enforceable?

    I CC (I do have my CPL) when I go to Bike Time anyway, but for them to tell us that OC is just not allowed because they say that irritates me!

    Just wondering what other thoughts are on this.

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    Well I'll be damned - first I've seen/heard something like this. Interesting. Keep us posted on any changes that might be made...
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