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Thread: Open carried 1100 mile round trip on a motorcycle.

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    Open carried 1100 mile round trip on a motorcycle.

    Took three days to attend a motorcycle campout in Utah near Price. Rode about 1100 mile round trip. Open carried the whole way coming and going. Stopping about every 100 miles to top off fuel and leg stretch. Most stops were at truck stops. Flying-j and others. Because of driving from elevation got a little better fuel mileage on the way back, ended up stopping at different stops. Breakfast at McDonalds in Price lunch at in-n-out in Las Vegas. Many vehicles passed or were passed with easy view of my strong side. I pull a pop-up motorcycle tent camp trailer. Had people asking me about the bike and trailer not a word about the firearm. No problem at anytime.

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    Just as it should be .... no reactionary problems in a county that is still (largely) free. Wonder how such a trip would have gone over in Europe (LOL).
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    I carried 100% of the time during a Motorcycle trip in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming starting 1 July-5 July. Spent the 2-4th in Estes Park Co. without incident. In fact the Motorcycle group I was with called and INVITED the entire police force out for a BBQ the evening of the 3rd. ALL without incident!

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