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Thread: My lame open carry adventures

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    My lame open carry adventures

    To play off of ConditionThree's open carry stories where nothing happen, I figure I'd post a thread and sometimes add to it. I live in San Francisco, but occasionally I'm not in the land of a million school zones.

    Tonight my fiancee and I went for a walk in a Brentwood suburban neighborhood. Nobody out and about aside from a few people. Walked for around thirty minutes carrying my Glock 22 in a level 3 serpa duty holster, had two magazines in holsters on my offhand side. I was wearing the incredibly fashionable tucked in yellow t-shirt and red shorts. No encounters, no slow drive-bys, just a quiet night out with the stars.

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    good on you!

    Good for you. Better for you both if she is Open Carries also. :-)

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    Kudos for exercising your 2A rights. May all your UOC'ing activities be uneventful and lame.

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