Portland City Councilor Dan Skolnik announced this afternoon his decision not to seek re-election. Skolnik announced in a press release he would not run because he could not devote himself to the job.


Portland, Maine Moving in on Gun Rights
Court's gun ruling has both sides pondering effect

Dan Skolnik, the chairman of the city's public safety committee, acknowledged that gun rights advocates scored a big win Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment right to bear arms extends to city and state ordinances as well as federal laws.

"Gun rights advocates won a victory today against government overreaching. And advocates of gun restrictions know better how to proceed in that cause," said Skolnik, a Portland City Councilor and chairman of the council's public safety committee, reacting to the 5-4 ruling, the first of its kind to fully extend Second Amendment rights to cities and states.

But Skolnik was not backing away from efforts to curtail open carrying of weapons in Portland, saying he planned to meet with the police chief and other officials about what to do next.