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Thread: July meeting

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    Cool July meeting

    As you may know , I am going deaft, and at the meeting it is hard to understand what is said, and Yolanda try to explain it, I was wondering if somebody can write about the meeting, what went on, that way people who could not make it knows what happened there.
    Yolanda was telling me that you want to invite Sr. Labrador to a shooting next month, I think is to hot and far, not everybody will come, to me is a bad idea, I thought we will be in a formal place,when we can invite friends to come and listen. But you do what you think is good for the group.
    Every month few people comes to the meeting, maybe it is the wrong day?
    Please somebody write about the ideas and chat of what happened that night, it will be good for every one ,I think, I may be wrong .

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    have u guys considered having it on a friday??? the meeting always seems to be the day before I get paid and i imagine its the same for others.. maybe friday would be better....i know i would come if it was on a day where i might actually have some money to spend...

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