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Thread: Flint Still Pondering Gun Ordinance

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    Flint Still Pondering Gun Ordinance

    What's to discuss? State law is State law!

    FLINT (WJRT) -- (07/12/10)--As of now there will be not change in Flint's gun ordinance.

    Monday night, City Council members were supposed to take action but they decided to wait a month before doing so.

    This was a very emotional issue for council members and city residents who spoke during a public hearing.

    In the end, a majority of council members voted to postpone changing the ordinance for 30 days.

    Council member Sheldon Neeley made the motion.

    He did that so that city council could look at ways at strengthening the checks and balances, and also requiring some sort of education before a person obtains a purchasing permit from the city of Flint.

    This is all happening because the city's gun ordinance is not in line with the state's. The city's prohibits people from carrying a loaded weapon in public.

    The state's ordinance says that a person can carry a registered gun, in the open, as long as it is in a holster in approved places.

    Many who addressed council pleaded for them to find some way around the ordinance because they fear it will only spark more violence.

    The city attorney has said if the city does not get in line with the state's gun ordinance then it would open the city up to lawsuits, that it can not afford right now.

    But until then, things stay the same, and council will take up the issue again in 30 days.

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    Citizens of Flint:

    Call Alan Gura RIGHT NOW....

    I'm sure a letter threatening a lawsuit from Mr. Gura on SAF letterhead sent to the City Attorney would change their attitude right quick.

    If they won't obey the law, HIT THEM IN THE WALLET!

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    I highly suspect that the City of Flint is stalling while frantically trying to figure out a way to copy Chicago's new anti gun ordinances.... after all, "those people" must not be allowed to carry guns!!!!! Think of the insult to their authority!!!!

    And I suspect that our legislators in Lansing are already getting a lot of pressure from townships, villages, and cities, to repeal MCL 123.1102 so Chicagoeske ordinances can be instituted all over Michigan....

    Chicago isn't the only place that has people like Mayor Daley........
    Gun control isn't about the gun at all.... for those who want gun control it is all about their own fragile egos, their own lack of self esteem, their own inner fears, and most importantly... their own desire to dominate others. And an openly carried gun is a slap in the face to all of those things.

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