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Thread: Semper Fi Guns in Nicholasville

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    Semper Fi Guns in Nicholasville

    Drove to Lexington today to unload some more stuff out of the moving container at the ABF depot. Loaded up and headed south. Stopped for lunch in Nicholasville and I saw a banner for "Semper Fi Guns". Decided to check it out. It's a brand new gun shop in a strip mall place. Decent selection of rifles, handguns and ammunition. I walked around for a bit and talked it up a little. I noticed neither counterperson was wearing a handgun. I inquired about it and they both said that they preferred concealed carry over open carry. Both were also former military and rather young. Seems odd to me that someone with a military background and running a gun shop would give up tactical advantage while they were working.

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    It all depends upon the train od thought that you operate under. Before I had CCDW, I used to OC everywhere and it allowed me to help educate a great many Kentuckians on their 2nd Amendment rights, some loved the idea, others not so much. *LOL* Once I got my CCDW though I had a second option at hand, one the gave me even greater tactical advantage over a potential Bad Guy, the advantage of concealment.

    I'll agree with you on the fact that OC would present more of a "presence", so to speak but people see things different ways. Apparently they prefer CC over OC in that setting. I, myself, prefer CC over OC unless I'm in the mindset to educate others that I encounter "out there". *LOL*

    I'll have to look this new shop up the next time my travels lead me out west.

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