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Thread: Poll on the Nonexistent "Gun Show Loophole"

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    Thumbs down Poll on the Nonexistent "Gun Show Loophole"

    WVVA is currently running a poll on the question of "Should background checks be required on all buyers at gun shows?" This question is being posed in connection with a story on the latest efforts by the Antis to close a loophole that does not exist.

    Gun shows have no exemption from any federal or state firearm laws. All gun dealers must comply with the same laws regardless of whether a sale occurs at their normal place of business or at a gun show. In most states, private sales are also subject to identical treatment regardless of venue.

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    Hmm, 88 to 12, in the wrong direction.

    I'm sure this will be fixed in just a bit.
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    It's a classic presumptive question. Should Joe stop beating his wife?



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    What a piece of crap article that was. Cho bought his guns from FFLs and passed the NICS check, and also wasn't deterred by the one-gun-a-month law, because he bought his guns more than 30 days apart.

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