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Thread: Tomah no longer enforces open carry ordinance, Published - Thursday, July 15, 2010,

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    Tomah no longer enforces open carry ordinance, Published - Thursday, July 15, 2010,

    Quote Originally Posted by EXCERPT
    Revels said his department’s enforcement of firearms laws isn’t affected by a June 28 U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the right of individuals to keep firearms in their homes for self-defense.

    Monroe County District Attorney Dan Cary doesn’t interpret the Supreme Court decision as invalidating any Wisconsin statutes. He noted the court remanded the decision back to the lower court for further review.

    “Our courts will have to interpret the laws we have, and I’m not going to take the position that I’m going to ignore existing laws,” Cary said. “I view my duty to enforce the laws the way that they are.”

    Revels and Cary agreed that few people openly carry weapons in public.

    “It’s pretty rare,” Cary said. “It don’t believe there are many people who find a need to strap on a holster and a gun.”

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    More and more people everyday are starting to oc, I hope he is ready for this to come to a theater near him.

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    "Tomah Police Chief Wes Revels said Monday that his department hasn’t been enforcing the ordinance since Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued an advisory memorandum in April 2009."

    Only 14 years too late, because the portion of the ordinance pertaining to firearms became unenforceable in 1995.

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