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Thread: N.O. Indictments vindicate SAF/NRA Katrina lawsuit

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    N.O. Indictments vindicate SAF/NRA Katrina lawsuit

    New Orleans indictments further vindicate post-Katrina lawsuit

    Five years ago, in the post-apocalyptic environment that was New Orleans following its devastation by Hurricane Katrina, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation moved quickly to intervene when local police officials...announced that in the chaos and anarchy, private citizens would be disarmed.

    Now, one of the uglier aspects of this disaster has become clear with the indictment of several police officers for the shooting of several unarmed citizens...

    ...As SAF began working quietly on a lawsuit, the National Rifle Association was also preparing to step in. Rather than trip over each other, the two gun rights organizations joined forces

    Or try this:

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    I'm glad SAF and NRA are working together. Too often, we've seen one group gripe about the other until victory is achieved, and then claim credit for the win.

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